About Us

Our hectic modern lifestyles and the deteriorating quality of the environment in which we live are having a combined impact on the collective wellbeing of society. Bloggers are writing about it, journalists and news organisations are doing specials on it and any google search on health & wellbeing will reap endless results.

Be it the quality of the water we drink, concern over the air that we breathe or the rise in negative health statistics which are related to poor lifestyle choice, people are putting a growing focus on the health and wellbeing of themselves and their families.

People are becoming increasingly aware that leading healthy lives and practising preventative measures are far preferable to late diagnosis and treatment.

Based in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, Cedar Tree is a medical imaging and health check centre committed to the highest quality of health check and reporting. Our ethos of commitment to quality and individual attention is underpinned by a dedication to healthy living and illness prevention.

Cedar Tree's pledge is that we operate with the highest standards of ethics, and are committed to offering our valued clients a tailored service comprising precise testing and results reporting, quality feedback and detailed follow-up. We see ourselves as partnering with our clients in achieving healthy and happy lives.

Cedar Tree’s team leaders - senior medical and scientific professionals with in excess of five decades in healthcare - are supported by a team of highly-qualified and experienced radiologists, radiographers, medical technologists and experts in the fields of diet and nutrition.